Merchant Dashboard and App

Merchant Dashboard & Mobile App

Manage payments and control your finances effortlessly with our merchant dashboard, accessible on both web and mobile platforms

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Merchant Benefits

Merchant Benefits:


No development required. Accept payments immediately. Custom integration via API or SDK.


Integration with popular shopping cart plugins like Shopify, supported.


Invoices can be shared via email, SMS, QR code, social media links or Whatsapp.


Multiple payment methods including international and local credit cards, debit cards and wallets accepted.


Customization with merchant logos, colors, and responsive design to work on desktop, mobile or tablets.

Track, measure and monitor transactions with our merchant dashboard and mobile app


View and track your daily transaction counts and volumes. Monitor current monthly sales volumes so you can tweak your sales strategy accordingly.


Create multiple profiles and assign your team members different roles for better operational efficiency and business management.


Create customized reports which can be shared via email either daily, weekly or monthly. Choose your preferred format and add a password for added security.

Merchant Dashboard

Manage all your payments effectively on any device